Grievance Form

Use this form for filing/tracking grievances. Be sure to send a copy to the
Union hall as well as provide a copy to your Unit Chair for proper tracking.

Contact Information Update Form

Use this form to update your contact information. Once completed, clicking
"send" will route this to our mailbox.

USW PAC Check Off Forms

These forms are used to authorize automatic payroll deductions for
contributions to the USW PAC.
These contributions are purely voluntary, being used to advance labor-
friendly legislation and candidates.
Print the form, fill it out, and give it to Erin (at the hall), your Unit Chair, or
any Worker's Committee member.

Shell USW PAC Check Off

Tesoro NW USW PAC Check Off

Travel Request/Policy

Traveling for the Union? You'll want to read the Travel Policy first.
When you have all relevant information, fill out the Travel Request form.
Once you've completed the form, you have two ways to submit it for approval:

1. Save a copy to your computer, open your email client, attach
    the copy and send to the hall.
2. Fill out the request and print. You can either mail it to the hall
    or drop it off at the hall during normal business hours.

Travel Policy

Travel Request Form

Rental Agreement and Policies

Need a place to hold an event? We can help. USW Local 12-591 will rent
our hall for private use. Rental is subject to our Rental Agreement and
Rental policy below.

Rental Policy

Rental Agreement