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Labor-Friendly Links


Union Sites

United Steelworkers International Union

The name says it all. Includes labor news, USW information, current labor actions, as well as the Steelworker Store.


Union Boycott List (AFL-CIO)

This is the official AFL-CIO boycott list.


"Buy Union" Sites

Labor 411

Labor 411 is a site created to help folks buy Union products made in the USA. Buying something new? See if you can find it here.


Sunrise Dental

Sunrise Dental is a UFCW represented Dental Services company specializing in providing services for Union members. In many cases, out-of-pocket expenses can be lowered or reduced to zero. Many locations across Washington and Oregon to meet your needs.

Be Aware of a Scam Involving Sunrise Dental

A non-union outfit has been using what appears to be false and misleading advertising to lure customers away from the true Sunrise Dental. Sunrise Dental is taking appropriate action but ask that you verify any ad referencing Sunrise Dental against their locations listed on their web site. If in doubt, please call them to confirm.


Ablemark Printing

Union printing and apparel available locally (Marysville, WA). Fast, dependable service at a fair price. we recommend them.


Union Plus

Union Plus is brought to you by Union Privilege, established by the AFL-CIO to provide consumer benefits to members and retirees of participating labor unions.


Buy American

A site dedicated to American-made products. If you're buying something, look here to see if you can buy it from an American source.


Buy Union Made Tires

As the title implies, the linked list explains how to identify Union Made tires. As we watch more and more of our jobs being lost to unfair foreign competition, it's becomes increasingly important to buy US and Union made goods wherever possible.


Labor Information Sites


Washington State Labor Council (WSLC)

Widely considered to be the "voice of labor" in our state, The WSLC - AFL-CIO represents and provides services for hundreds of local unions and trade councils throughout Washington state.

The WSLC's core programs are legislative advocacy, political action, communications and media relations, and assistance with organizing campaigns.


University of Hawaii - Center for Education and Research (CLEAR)

Hawaii's resource for labor education and history. CLEAR offers numerous resources, including classes and training on labor issues.


Illinois Labor History Site

While this site focuses on Illinois labor history, there are many resources linked to labor history as a whole. Definitely worth a look.


Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

Self-explanatory. Information on laws and regulations regarding the workplace. Great source of safety information.