USW Local 12-591 Fallen Workers
Memorial Scholarships & Grants

As our members are painfully aware, we have lost brothers and sisters at our various worksites over the years. Fathers/Mothers, Sons/Daughters, friends, coworkers... we may have interacted with them in different ways, but the losses are felt equally by us all.

In memory of our "Fallen Workers", a memorial scholarship/grant program was instituted in 1998.
Since them, we have awarded a total of $829,850.00 in scholarships and grants to deserving young adults as they work to improve themselves through additional schooling. For year 2017, we gave away to total of 22 grants and 11 scholarships worth $58,000.00.

For the 2017 Scholarship year, the top winner is Emily Woitas, student of Kalaheo High School. Emily won $6000.00.

Scholarship winners are:

1st Place - $6000.00  
        Emily Woitas - Kalaheo High School
2nd Place - $4000.00  
        Rebekah Jensen - Mount Vernon High School
3rd Place - $3000.00
        Jack Kingma - Mount Vernon High School

4th Place - $3000.00
       Julie Zavala - Mount Vernon High School      
5th Place - $3000.00
        William Nickelson - Oak Harbor High School
6th Place - $2000.00
        Jacob Craig - Skagit Adventist Academy
7th Place - $1500.00
        Phoebe Anderson - Sedro Woolley High School
8th Place - $1500.00
        Gabrielle Jann - Sedro Woolley High School
9th Place - $1500.00
        Gretal McCurdy - Mount Baker High School
10th Place - $1000.00
        Taylor Torgenson - Sedro Woolley High School
11th Place - $1000.00
        Alyssa Martini - Sedro Woolley High School

Please join us in congratulating the winners of this year's scholarship and grant awards and wish everyone who entered the best of luck as they continue furthering their education!