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New Updates to Our Web Site History

This summer, Sheena Denney, while working as in intern for the Occupational Health Internship Program, took on our occupational history as her project. Sheena spent considerable time to help organize our recent Local history as well as recent refining history with regards to occupational health. We appreciate the time and effort Sheena put into this project and hope you find it useful as well.

You'll find new links under the "Useful Links" menu to the right.

"Out of Control" is an OCAW video discussing the occupational health and safety issues within our industry.

"Washington State Refinery Incidents" gives a timeline view of the larger incidents in our state. There is a local PowerPoint copy of this on our Fallen Workers page. *Note: the online presentation will work in a degraded fashion when opening in Internet Explorer.

"Process Safety Management" talks further about the PSM incidents in our state and how we don't seem to be learning from them.

Thanks to Butch Cleve, the description text around the 2010 Tesoro incident has been updated.

Please feel free to look over all these changes and understand why we fight for safety on a daily basis.

Thank you Sheena and Butch.

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